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Pressure vessel manufacturers supply water separator, buffer pressure vessel, pressure vessel repair

壓力容器生產廠家供應分水器 緩沖壓力容器 壓力容器搶修

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fermentor (seed tank, crystallization tank, enzymolysis tank) is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio engineering and other industries, the tank is provided with an interlayer insulation layer (heating, cooling, heat insulation). The upper and lower head (or conical) are used for spinning R angle processing, the inner wall of the cylinder by the mirror polished finish Ra = 0.4 m, no dead angle, closed design to ensure the material is always in the state of no pollution, mixed fermentation equipment, air respirator, cleaning ball, sanitary manhole, mirror and as the lamp device.
Pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biological fermentation process is a sterile, non pollution process, fermentation tank using sterile system, avoid and prevent microorganism pollution in the air, greatly prolong the retention period of your product and product is pure, we specially designed and installed in the tank of aseptic or sterile breathing pores are pressure fermentation system. The heating and cooling can be carried out by heating or cooling medium. The parts contacting with the material are all made of stainless steel, SUS304 or 316L. The insulation is made of polyurethane foam or pearl cotton, and the outer surface is frosted and Matt treated. It conforms to the GMP standard.
Compared with the traditional fermentation tank, the new fermentation tank produced by our factory has the following advantages:
(1) the integrity of the series, the power and speed can meet the needs of different fermentation processes, and broaden the choice of process. If necessary, with frequency converter, stepless speed regulation, in order to adapt to the fermentation process of hyphal concentration changes, increase production.
(2) the heating (cooling) coil can be replaced by a semicircle tube outside the tank, which is beneficial to disinfection and cleaning in the tank. When the heat exchange area needs to be increased, the original general baffle plate can be changed into a heating baffle. The heating effect is very direct and effective. The utility model not only reduces the energy consumption, but also saves the cost.
(3) the three way coupling is adopted to facilitate the overhaul and replacement of sealing parts, shorten the maintenance time and improve the quality of maintenance.
(4) cancel the bottom bearing and the intermediate bearing (or no intermediate bearing) to reduce the pollution and prolong the overhaul period.
(5) the upper and lower two layers adopt different forms of agitators, and the stabilizer is added to improve the mixing effect and reduce the shock of the tank. Reduce the deflection of the shaft in operation, and ensure the stable operation of the shaft.
(6) change the transmission form, change from the original triangle belt to vertical gear drive, small size and smooth operation.
(7) it is beneficial to operation, without frequent overhaul and convenient maintenance.