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Detailed description:


can be based on user needs to design and manufacture of various types of heat transfer equipment, heat exchanger is one of the most new skills for refrigeration equipment thermal field, has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and small occupied area, convenient operation and maintenance, not fouling and other advantages, and has the ability to deal with small temperature difference. The product is widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, paper making, metallurgy, food, heating and air conditioning industries. It is the best choice for heating, refrigeration and heat recovery.

tube structure principle and characteristics of heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger (also in condenser), according to the material tube heat exchanger is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel tube heat exchanger and carbon steel and stainless steel mixing tube heat exchanger is divided into three kinds, according to the form of fixed tube plate floating head type, U type heat exchanger, according to the structure is divided into single side, double side and multi tube, the heat transfer area of 1 ~ - 500m, can be customized according to user needs.


tube shell type heat exchanger has the advantages of simple and reliable structure, strong adaptability, convenient cleaning, large capacity, the advantages such as high temperature and high pressure for love can. Shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a mature and standardized heat exchange equipment.


I plant using shell type 304 or 316L stainless steel heat exchanger, heat exchange tube specifications is 12 ~ 38 x 1.5 ~ 3mm or larger pipe specifications, the inner surface of the electrochemical polishing, the surface roughness of Ra< 0.25 m, and the tube plate welded by argon arc. And the welding of polishing processing. If suitable for high temperature raw materials, gasket material can be used as poly four chlorine allyl, so as to be able to withstand higher temperatures. There is no dead angle and no pollution in the fluid heat exchanger. The outer surface of the heat exchanger is smooth, clean and easy to clean. It meets the requirements of GMP. It is an ideal heat transfer equipment for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


stainless steel tubular heat exchanger commonly used specifications are as follows:


nominal diameterpipe numberthe number of pipesnominal value of heat exchanger area / valuechannel section cross section, flow rate at 0.5m/sec of pipe passage m/hrnominal pressure
pipe length (m)carbon steel tube phi 25x2.5
159I141.5/1.622/2.173/3.27  0.0044/0.00497.92/8.820.25
219I263/3.004/4.026/6.068/8.11 0.0082/0.009014.76/16.200.6
 II263/3.004/4.026/6.068/8.11 0.0041/0.00457.38/8.101
500I185  45/4.1555/57.6885/86.740.0581/0.0641104.58/115.38 
 II180  40/41.9955/57.6885/86.740.0283/0.031250.94/56.16 
600I169  60/62.785/83.88125/126.130.0845/0.0932152.10/167.76 
 II266  60/62.0580/82.94125/14.720.0418/0.046175.24/82.98 
700I379  90/88.41120/118.17175/177.710.0091/0.1313214.38/236.34 
 II358  85/83.51110/111.62165/167.860.0562/0.0620101.16/111.60 
800I511  120/119.20160/159.16240/239.600.1605/0.1770288.90/318.60 
 II488  115/113.83150/152.16230/228.810.0767/0.0845138.06/152.10 
900I649  150/151.39200/202.36305/304.30.2039/0.2248367.02/404.46 
 II630  145/146.96195/196.44295/295.400.0990/0.1091178.20/196.38 
1000I805  185/187.78250/251.00375/377.450.2529/0.2788455.22/501.84 
 II792  185/184.75245/246.95370/371.360.1244/0.1374233.92/246.96