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The production of wholesale concentrated crystallization equipment, concentrated crystallization pot, concentrated crystallization cans wholesale

生產批發濃縮結晶設備 濃縮結晶鍋 濃縮結晶罐批發

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結晶加熱器, F=132㎡, D=700mm, L=9000mm, 316L不銹鋼


結晶器汽包, Bv=20.9㎡,D=1300mm, H=6m, 316L不銹鋼


旋風分離器, D=900mm,H=4200mm, 316不銹鋼




use crystallizer structure Stainless steel crystallizer can be used for stirring, mixing, cooling, freezing and crystallizing of products in pharmaceutical industry. Crystallization kettle is also widely used in dairy industry, food industry, chemical industry, beverage industry and so on. Crystallization tank is a general purpose equipment, which can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of customers, so as to realize the humanization of operation, standardization and automation of the design.
The stainless steel tank according to different purposes, the stainless steel can be imported 316L or 304 produced by electrolysis wall mirror polishing or mechanical polishing, outer wall using 304 full welding insulation structure, the outer surface of the mirror or sub light. 0.2 M hydrophobic crystallization tank breather filter installation of stainless steel. The crystallizer can bear high temperature sterilization and disinfection, and is equipped with a sanitary pressure gauge. A sanitary quick opening joint is used for the outer connecting port of the tank body.
Beijing Wei Kun crystal pot with temperature monitoring device, mirror, cleaning ball and nitrogen inlet and other configuration. The shaft seal adopts special sanitary mechanical seal to ensure the material is free from pollution. The crystallizer can adopt frequency conversion speed regulation device, and the speed range of mixing shaft is large.
Stainless steel tank is equipped with visual light crystal mirror, a stirring device, a feed inlet, into the hole cleaning device, apparatus, liquid injection, water entrance, entrance, entrance, return steam condensate water outlet, cooling water inlet and outlet, a material outlet, outlet and a sampling port, cewen, liquid level device