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Professional supply hand hold mixer, multi-function mixer, turbine mixer, paddle mixer

專業供應手持式攪拌器 多功能攪拌器 渦輪式攪拌器 槳式攪拌器

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  減速機 (2)
 減速機 (3)
 減速機 (4)
 減速機 (1)

company Zhejiang Hengfeng Taitai complete mixing device assembly comprises a motor, reducer, rack, coupling, mechanical seal, mixer and control system components, to achieve the best results. Reducer: worm gear series are WXJ, WSJ, WD, WC, WHC, WPA and so on. Cylindrical gear series: ZQ (JZQ), ZD, ZL, ZS, ZSC (A); arc gear series: ZQH, ZDH, ZLH, ZSH; hardened series: ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, DBY, DCY, ZFY; ZLYJ series, NGW series planetary gear reducer, MBY series toothedsurfacereducer, SPJ800 mining machine; YCJ series; ZZJ series and supporting all kinds of mechanical products, according to user needs and manufacturing all kinds of non-standard products and accessories.

agitator: propeller agitator, turbine agitator, agitator, anchor agitator, ribbon agitator, agitator blade etc..