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To undertake a variety of pipeline installation works, construction of oil depot, pipeline engineering, clean stainless steel pipeline project

承接多種管道安裝工程施工 油庫管道工程 潔凈不銹鋼管道工程

Detailed description:


undertakes nationwide equipment installation, pipe installation, reconstruction and maintenance works:
Main installation scope:
The water supply pipe, drainage pipe, pipeline renovation, building customer service equipment installation, industrial pipe installation, heating pipeline, gas pipeline, pressure pipe, boiler installation, pipeline welding, flue gas pipe installation, pipe installation, fire and other chemical, food, machinery industry pipeline installation engineering.
Piping installation:
The installation of pressure pipe, gas pipe installation, gas station pipeline installation steam pipeline installation, water supply pipeline installation, pipeline installation, pipeline maintenance, ground underground pipeline corrosion, pipeline installation, ground thermal pipe insulation, industrial pipe engineering, construction of underground pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe pressure test, drilling, pipe welding, pipe pipeline dredge, pipeline, pipeline maintenance and refit high-altitude anti-corrosion.
The scope of maintenance includes:
Household plumbing, plumbing repair, water pipe, water pipe, change faucet, change valve, faucet, faucet, faucet, faucet maintenance repair, renovation, change faucet valve, water pipe, PVC pipe, PE pipe, consistent copper pipes, plumbing, installation of water pipe, water pipe, water pipe, garden dry water pipe plumbing repair, RiFeng pipe, water pipe, water pipe, water pipe valve Water Leakage rust, burst pipe, water pipe, no head.
Supply large equipment installation:
Large storage tanks, tanks, cement tank construction manufacture, fabrication and installation, large tower installation, chemical equipment installation, high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance, high chimney anti-corrosion, brush standard pressure vessels, high field production experience, complete processing equipment, with a large electric hoist, lifting ring, electric lifting equipment, no scaffold construction.
Undertake large:
Butt welding tank, asphalt tank, storage tank, pressure tank, gas storage tank, steel cement tank, granary (oil depot), construction, large overlap storage tank on-site welding construction.